Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Review

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack ReviewA laptop backpack is necessary whether you are a professional, student or just a regular guy, and you don’t want any ordinary laptop backpack. You want something which will add value to your style and professionalism without limiting the functionality.

From the makers of famous Targus Drifter Laptop Backpack, here comes updated Targus II Drifter  Laptop Backpack which is designed to carry your 16 or 17 inch laptop safely and all your other necessary items.

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Features

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack has been constructed from durable nylon and features a black exterior with beautiful gray accents. Today I will cover all the pros and cons of Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack for 16 or 17 inch Laptop. Make sure you read this review article till the end.

Material Used

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack has been constructed from heavy duty, water resistant nylon. Nylon materials are ideal for the backpack because of its durability and it is widely used by most backpack brands. It also features the patented safePort air cushioning technology of Targus. The bottom part of this laptop backpack has been constructed from water resistant material, so if you accidently keep your backpack in your water, there’s nothing need to be worried about because this laptop backpack will provide ultimate protection to your laptop and everything you carry.

The Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack features durable metal accents and zipper pulls. The zippers of the backpack look good, it won’t malfunction and break easily unless you break them intentionally. The teeth of zippers are strong and durable. This backpack is designed to offer durability and great protection to all of your electronics. The Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack is not bulky and can be carried from various angles which are ideal for casual professional who travels within the country and carry lots of essentials.

Full of Compartments

This Laptop Backpack is designed to protect 16 or 17 inch laptop that doesn’t mean there this no other compartments.
Targus Drifter II Laptop comes with multiple internal and external pockets which allow you to carry your books, files and folders, chargers, cell phones and organize them in a manner that you can easily access them.Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Review Compartments

Padded Laptop Compartment

Targus Drifter Laptop Backpack is available in two different size, 16 and 17 inches. So it protects your 16 inches or 17-inch laptop with its well-padded laptop compartment. The laptop compartment keeps your device secure and separate from other items you have carried in the case. Targus included a Velcro in the laptop compartment so your laptop will not slide off or move from its place.

Padded iPad Compartment

You can’t imagine modern professional without an iPad or Tablet. So Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack added padded iPad/Tablet sleeve in the second main compartment. One drawback of this iPad sleeve is that it doesn’t have any Velcro protection leaving your iPad more open to damages.

Organizer Compartment

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Comes with lots of internal and external pockets for your accessories. On the front compartment of the backpack there is a large pen slot which can quickly accumulate three pens and pencil. A Velcro protected cell phone pockets, a mesh type open sleeve, and a large zippered pocket. The second compartment of the bag has enough depth; it goes all the way to the bottom of the bag which easily house three or four books, paperwork’s, file and folders. It has two secret zippered compartments; one on the top of the bag which padded to protect sunglasses and other easy access things. And the other secret compartment is on the backside of the bag that is also padded where you can keep your secret things.

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack Review Shoulder StrapsComfortable Carrying Options

If you are casual professional and carry lots of item around the country, then the first thing you should look at before purchasing a backpack is carrying options. The carry options of a backpack should be comfortable. Targus Drifter II is not any ordinary laptop backpack. The shoulder strap of this laptop backpack is constructed from durable material and heavily padded for a comfortable carrying. Not only the shoulder straps, but the padding is also included all over the backside of the backpack. The padded straps are good for shock absorbing, and you can wear it for long hours without getting fatigued. You can also use the top carrying handle to carry the backpack if you like. Top carrying handle features sturdy molded plastic supported by the grommets and cabling.


  • Constructed from durable, water-resistant nylon and also includes Targus safePort air cushioning technology.
  • Designed to protect the laptop with ultra-padded laptop compartment. Available in two sizes: 16 inch and 17 inches.
  • Includes a padded iPad/Tablet section.
  • Multiple compartments for file storage and more.
  • Two padded hidden compartments.
  • Well-padded and comfortable shoulder strap and molded plastic top handle.
  • Lots of external pockets and two water bottle pockets.


  • Every good thing comes with a drawback. You might see some tear after using it for two or three years.

Final words

Targus Drifter II Laptop Backpack should be preferred laptop backpack of businessperson and students who travels extensively and need their iPad and Laptop along with the other essentials.

This laptop backpack is also recommended for style conscious and technology lovers as this laptop backpack is one of the best durable trendy laptop backpack.


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