Laptop Backpack VS. Laptop Messenger Bag: Which One You Should Buy?

Everyone owns a laptop, and it is one the most expensive investment we make. To extend the life of our expensive laptop, we make some more little investment. One of them is a laptop bag. A laptop bag is mandatory when you are thinking of transporting your laptop.

Laptop Backpack VS. Laptop Messenger Bag

Most of the time, we get confuse between laptop backpack and laptop messenger bag. Regarding protection to your laptop, both laptop backpack, and laptop messenger bags stands well. Again both of them have some lacking’s so today we are going to take a deep look at laptop backpack and laptop messenger bag.

Laptop Backpack VS. Laptop Messenger Bag

Material and Design

Laptop Backpack

Usually, laptop backpacks are constructed from waterproof, water resistant and natural material. The waterproof laptop backpack is designed to protect laptop from water, as we all know, the biggest enemy of electronic devices are water. Waterproof laptop backpack can protect your laptop from heavy rain, and water resistant laptop backpack can protect from light rain. Natural materials mean leather. Leather laptop backpacks are more exposed to the risk of damaging your laptop because of water. But leather laptop backpack tends to last longer and feels like new for a long period. Design wise laptop backpack differs from laptop messenger bag. Traditionally, laptop backpack is slightly larger, and it is worn on your back. Check out the laptop backpack review

Laptop Messenger Bag

Same as a laptop backpack, laptop messenger bags are constructed from waterproof, water resistant and natural material. However, most of the laptop messenger bag are made of natural material like leather to get that elegant and professional look. Traditionally, laptop messenger bag comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate all kind of laptop, and it is either carried on your shoulder or hand.

Protection and Security

Laptop Backpacks

One the major difference between Laptop Backpack and Laptop Messenger Bag is protection and security. Most laptop backpacks come with some extra level of protection such shockproof, moisture resistant, etc. And laptop backpacks are mostly designed for business traveler so they add extra layer security such as anti-pickpocket zippers and locks system on the zippers etc.

Laptop Messenger Bags

Laptop Messenger Bags lacks that extra layer of protection and security. Laptop messenger bags are mostly design to transport your laptop from home to office. So they don’t add any anti-pickpocket zippers or lock enabled zippers. And because of the positioning of laptop messenger bag on the body, they are more exposed to the bumps. However, nowadays some special anti-theft laptop messenger bags are available in the market.


Laptop Backpack

Storage wise laptop backpacks are ahead of laptop messenger bags. As laptop backpacks are designed for a business trip, they include bunch of storage space. Usually, laptop backpacks come with at least three compartments; one for the organization, second one for your files, folders, and last one is for your laptop. Besides these, laptop backpacks include few side and quick access pockets.

Laptop Messenger Bags

Like Laptop Backpack, Laptop Messenger Bags come with three compartments. But these compartments are way too small than the laptop backpacks. You can put few essential items here and there, but if you overload it, it will look very nasty on your body.

Carrying Option and Comfort

Laptop Backpack

Laptop backpacks offer you two carrying options, you can either carry it on your back or hand. As the laptop backpack market is very competitive, most laptop backpack comes with breathable backside and contoured shoulder straps. Because of its breathable backside, you will never have sweaty back. And laptop backpack includes lots of straps like chest strap, waist strap which is designed to intelligently distribute the weight.

Laptop Messenger Bags

Laptop Messenger Bags offers you three carrying option; you can either carry it as a cross-body bag, on your shoulder or your forearm. I haven’t seen any laptop messenger bag with a breathable shoulder strap so shoulder aching will be a common thing for you unless it is heavily padded.


With all the complexities and options, Laptop Backpack and Laptop Messenger Bags are still a great way to show some more love to your laptop. Remember, Laptop backpack is meant for the business traveler and student, so they provide superior protection to your laptop, and Laptop Messenger Bags are meant for the stylish person and casual professionals. Yes, they lack a little bit regarding security and protection, but they will provide you that elegant look, you are looking for.

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