How to Clean Your Designer Laptop Bag Or Handbag

Do you own a designer laptop bag? Do you own a designer handbag? Then taking the best care of your designer laptop bag becomes the biggest concern, after all, you have spent a good amount of money on the bag. If you carry your designer laptop bag everywhere you go and keep it in every surface then it will get really dirty. This article of how to clean you designer laptop bags will help you keep your laptop bag nice and clean. I will explain it step by step so make sure you read this article till the end.How To Clean Your Designer Laptop Bag Or Handbag

How To Clean Your Designer Laptop Bag Or Hanbag

The first thing you need to do is to empty your designer laptop bag. You don’t want to wash your laptop bag while keeping things which might get damaged because of water. So make sure your laptop bag is empty. I recommend you to keep your all belongings in a plastic bag so that you don’t lose anything important.

Make sure you follow the cleaning instruction on the tag of your designer laptop bags or handbag. Most laptop bag and handbags come with cleaning instruction. If your laptop bag or handbag doesn’t have any cleaning instruction, then make sure you check out material and proceed according to it.

Remove the Exterior Dirt

Reomove Exterior Dirt Of Your Designer Laptop BagIf you take you laptop bag everywhere and keep it in every other surface then most probably it got lots of dirt on the exterior part. Your first job is to remove the exterior dirt and dust. Get a piece of cloth, put some water on it and then rub it on the surfaces of your bag. Right after that use the dry part of the cloth and rub the previous portion of your bag to dry it. In addition, you can put some alcohol to get rid of the stain. But proceed with caution, some bags might get damaged because of alcohol. If you are using a leather handbag, then I recommend you get leather oil. Put leather oil all around your leather handbag after cleaning up to get that brand new feel. If you don’t know which leather oil to use, soon I will make a guide of top five leather oil for you genuine leather laptop or bag. Make sure you check that out.

Remove the Interior Dirt

Remove Interior Dirt Of Your Designer Laptop BagOnce you finished cleaning the exterior part of your bag now it’s time to clean the interior part of the bag. First of all pull the inside out of your laptop bag or handbag. You can also take out any removable pocket and shoulder strap if you wish to do that. Use water or alcohol to clean it up. If there is any stains or pen mark, then you use any cleaning spray. There are different kinds cleaning spray available on the market, you can use any of them according to your to your material. If you want I will make a walk through for the stains cleaning items too.

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Dry Your Designer Laptop Bag

Now you should dry your designer laptop bag. You should dry it naturally outside in the sun, not with a drying. And make sure keep all the pockets unzipped. To avoid mold growth on your laptop bag make sure you let the bag dry out completely before using.

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