How To Choose Best Laptop Backpack: A Guider

Whether you are a Businessperson, Student or Traveler, When you are planning to carry your laptop and its accessories then traditional backpack might not be an ideal option. Traditional Backpack lacks that extra layer of protection needed to safely transport your laptop.

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How To Choose Best Laptop Backpack

A Laptop Backpack is a special type of backpack that is designed to ensure the safety of your laptop. Laptop backpacks are designed to protect your laptop from falls, bumps that may occur during the day. Laptop Backpack comes with a dedicated compartment for your laptop, this compartment includes a high level of padding from top, bottom, sides and includes a strap to ensure that your laptop is well placed. So when you drop your backpack accidently or put it like a traditional backpack, you don’t need worry because that extra layer of protection will protect your laptop from any physical damages.

There are thousands of laptop backpack available in the market, finding the best laptop backpack for men can become tough if you don’t know what to look for in a laptop backpack. You might end up buying a cheap quality laptop backpack which is just a waste of money. So I’m writing this article to help you out, by the end of this article you will be well aware of laptop backpack.

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What To Look For In A Laptop Backpack

A Laptop Backpack is the most convenient way to carry your laptop in school, office or a business trip. Why laptop backpack is the most convenient way to carry your laptop? Because it provides you more space to store your accessories compared to other laptop bags. And most high-quality laptop backpack can distribute weight across the back which will make you forget that you’re carrying something on your back. Now let’s look at the features that you should look for in a good laptop backpack


The material of a backpack decides whether it will be a long lasting, lightweight backpack or not. Nowadays people has become so advanced that they can make a bag from anything. So first thing you should look for in a laptop backpack is the material. Here, I have listed top four materials that are widely used to construct laptop backpack.

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  • Canvas is a very durable fabric. A canvas backpack is water resistant backpack. It can protect your laptop and other accessories from a light rain shower. Remember, it is water resistant material not waterproof.
  • Nylon and Polyester are the lightest material. It is very durable too. But nylon and polyester material are not ideal for protecting a laptop from shocks. These materials are not waterproof too. One advantage of nylon and polyester material is that they dry out quickly.
  • Memory Foam are the ideal material for shock absorption. It soaks up the energy and distribute it intelligently which provides ultimate protection to your laptop from impacts.
  • Leather laptop backpacks are the most stylish laptop backpack. Leather Laptop backpack are ideal for both business user and traveler.

Laptop Size

All of us own different size laptops, and laptop size plays most important role in picking the best laptop backpack. You don’t want a laptop backpack that is too small or too large for you laptop, do you? You want to use every feature that comes with the laptop backpack like safety strap. To ensure that you need to have a good idea about the size of your laptop and pick up a backpack according to your laptop size. Check this post for best 17 inch laptop backpack review.

Carrying Capacity

Another key feature to look forward when picking up the best laptop backpack is the carrying capacity. While some laptop backpack comes with just enough space to carry your laptop and some comes with lots of storage space to house everything you will need. If you are a student then obviously, you need some more space to carry to textbooks, spiral assignment, lunchbox, etc. Same happens to the business person. So before making your purchase decision look at the carrying capacity of the backpack.


We all know how nylon, polyester, etc., material feels on shoulder and back. When you are carrying a laptop along with its accessories, textbooks, assignment and business document, etc., you need a laptop backpack that comes contoured ergonomically designed padded shoulder straps and air mesh covered breathable backside so that when you carry it on your back, your skins can breathe and make you relaxed and comfortable.

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The style is the last but not the least feature you should look closely before choosing your best laptop backpack. All of us has different fashion sense; some like vintage design, some like the clean design, and some like the modern design. So according to your style preference choose the laptop backpack.

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Final Words

Finding a good laptop backpack can be easy if you what look for in a laptop backpack. If you follow this guide for a perfect laptop backpack then I’m pretty sure you will able to get yourself a comfortable and long lasting laptop backpack. If you are still confused what to buy, then check laptop backpack vs. laptop messenger bag.

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