How To Choose Best Designer Laptop Bag: A Buying Guide

As the technology progresses, our life becomes faster and smarter. Before we used to use a desktop computer which takes lot space and we can’t carry it easily. But now we use a laptop which we can carry easily.

A laptop is faster, smarter and smaller than a desktop computer. A laptop is simply a personal assistant for a person. A laptop is ideal for traveling or just simply going from home to office. You can carry your personal assistant anywhere you go.

A laptop stores all your personal documents, office work, and your business legal documents so ultimately your laptop becomes priceless. Imagine, your laptop got damaged because of sudden drops and you don’t have any backups, your life will become miserable. So you need a good laptop bag for the security of your most valuable laptop.how to hoose best designer laptop bag

When we are traveling or just simply going to work, we need a laptop bag which will protect our laptop and will make us feel that no matter what your laptop will be safe.

Along with the quality, we want a designer laptop bag. We don’t want any old corporate drone looking laptop bag. We want it to look luxurious, we want to receive lots of compliments on the bags. So ultimately we are asking for a combination of beauty and brain. This is not an easy job to do because laptop bags are sold in nearly every shape, size, and material and price range.

Today we will discuss about the most important features that you should look before making an investment on a laptop bag.

Type of Laptop Bags

First of all, you need to decide what type of laptop bag you want. There is various types of laptop bags available in the market. Each of these laptop bags are designed for special purpose. Today, I’m going to talk about three types of laptop bags

Rolling Laptop Bags

Rolling laptop bags looks like the traditional suitcase. Rolling laptop bags has a wheel attached to roll. A wheel attached laptop bag is specially designed for the business traveler or the individual who owns a heavy laptop. As rolling laptop bags looks like a suitcase, so it provides additional space for your other accessories.

Messenger Laptop Bags

In this modern era, messenger laptop bags are most widely used laptop bags. Messenger laptop bags includes well-padded shoulder strap so that you can carry it either on your shoulder or across the body. A person who doesn’t carry laptop long distance, messenger laptop bags are the most convenient way to transport the laptop.

Laptop Backpacks

Laptop backpacks are widely popular among the college going students and commuter. Generally, laptop backpacks include lots of extra pockets and compartments so keeping things organized becomes pretty much easy. Laptop bags are the most convenient way to carry your laptop as well as other accessories.

How To Choose Best esigner Laptop Bag For Women

Laptop Bags Size

Laptop bags size plays an important role here. Suppose, you have a 15.4-inch laptop and you purchase a 17-inch laptop bag. Which will result your laptop fits too loose and when you are traveling, your laptop will glide and might get damaged. But if the laptop compartment is a close fit and padded perfectly and you can purchase any size laptop bag. In some cases we might see a laptop bag itself is 17 inches, but its laptop compartment comes in 15.4 inches. So you are advised to look closely at the recommended laptop size and its dimension to ensure a good fit.


Durability is what we look for in every other laptop bags. A laptop holds all our important documents. A sudden drop can cause a dent, broken screen and in the worst case hard drive crash. All of the parts of a laptop are very much expensive and hard to replace.

To avoid such situation, a laptop user should select a bag which will offer durability. A top quality laptop bag should be padded well and have enough cushion to protect the laptop and reduce the impact of any sudden drop or jostled.

A high-quality laptop bag should be waterproof to some level. A person who lives in an area where they experience pretty much yearly rainfall then it’s the most important feature for him/her to look into.

Attractive Design

As a business person, we meet up with different people, we have meetings with the important client, we go to different business trip, and everywhere we carry our laptop. And some people considers that a laptop bag should reflect your professionalism.

A laptop bag design is important for students too. Because it represents their individual style to the teachers and other students.

Normally a professional laptop bag comes in black and brown color. Top brands which maximum buyers like and recommend are BFB, Solo, Le Donne, McKlein etc.


Accessories is an important factor for those who are looking for best laptop messenger bag for women. Accessories like shoulder strap and its drops, handles and its drop, internal and external pockets and its sizes, side pockets, hardware detailing, etc. should be taken under consideration before purchasing a laptop bag.

Adequate Space

We don’t buy a laptop bag just to carry a single laptop. We need to carry a lot of items such as charger, DVDs, extra mouse and keyboards, documents, Tablets, Cellphones, water bottles, key rings and sometimes even some cloth when we are traveling. So we need one or two extra compartments and few internal and external pockets to fit all those staffs perfectly.

Many laptop bag comes with different features. Some come with one extra compartment, some with two extra compartments and few internal and external pockets.The Buyer should make a list of items that he/she will usually carry before making the purchase decision.

Leather Quality

A buyer should consider the leather quality of a laptop bag before investing. Finding a genuine leather handbag and laptop can be a tough job to do. Designer Laptop bags usually comes in Neoprene rubber, PU leather, Patent leather, and many more. Buyer should know about these leather so that ultimately he can find out how long this bag will last. Most reviewers like laptopbagsforyou.com provide full detail about the leather so my advice is you should read the review very carefully.

Secure Fastenings

A buyer should make sure that all the fastening are perfectly secure. If it is not, then your most valuable laptop might slip out of the bag while performing your daily activities. Things that buyer should consider are:

  • How strong zippers are? If it glides smoothly
  • Does the bag has a good stitching?
  • How well buckles performs?
  • If the bag features magnetic closure, is it powerful enough to hold the flap closed
  • If the bag features Velcro strap, does it have a strong hold?

Final words…

A laptop bag is an essential product for a businessperson, students. Since it carries your most valuable laptop, a durable, high-quality laptop bag worth your investment. Considering the above factors, you will be able to choose best designer laptop bag for yourself.

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