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Story of a Fashionist Girl

Hi, this is Kaira a 28 year old girl.

I love designer laptop bags and handbags. So collecting designer laptop bags and handbags became my hobby. As a result, I receive a lot of queries from my family members, friend and their friends over mail, social media and phone calls. They want me to suggest which bag to purchase, which bag will fit their needs, what should they look before making a purchase, etc. I do a lot of research, read different reviews about laptop bag and handbags features and suggest the appropriate designer laptop bag or hand bag.

I was doing the same thing again and again and one day one of my friends told me why don’t you create a website and write your recommendation there a lot of people will get help. I was like that’s a great idea. I registered a domain name and created a website and started writing my suggestion and buying guide regarding laptop bag and handbags here on

So that was the story behind this website. Now if you have any question regarding laptop bag and handbags then go ahead and ask me, believe me I’m very friendly. If you want me to review any bag just name it I’m there. I will answer your every question so don’t hesitate. You can contact me through our contact page or follow me on

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Thanking You

Kiara Montagu


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